Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the beginning, there was a wee red book....

Every Scottish football fan will know about the Wee Red Book. For those not familiar with the publication it can be simply described as a fan's bible, crammed with every fact you could ever want or need to know about the beautiful game in Scotland.

First published in 1928, the little book, which is big on fixtures, facts and trivia, is as important to the fans as it is to those in football's hierarchy – and it comes in a handy pocket-sized format as well. For 80 years, the Wee Red Book has been a “must have” for all Scottish football fans at the start of the season.

As a fan, the Wee Red Book represents the uniqueness of Scottish football and as a fan, I love the game in this country – regardless of the comparative “state” it may or may not be in.

And boy does Scottish football get a lot of stick. As a product its quality is said to be at an all time low. No technique, no flair, no natural ability - all slights leveled at league players. No money, no fans, stuck in the past - all criticisms of the clubs. In every sense of the word, you could argue that the critics have a point…

The purpose of this blog is to examine whether or not my love for the game in this country is as a result of romantic nostalgia or if it’s about time I just opened my eyes and faced facts – the game in Scotland is dead, offers nothing and has become little more than a footballing backwater. It can’t be that simple though, can it? Scotland is the home of some of the oldest football clubs in the World. Surely they still have something to offer fans?

So henceforth I’ll be going along to as many grounds as possible (and that the wife will allow), from SPL to Division 3, soaking up the full Scottish football experience – whatever that is in the year 2011….

The Wee Red Book is an intrinsic part of Scottish football; it is the embodiment of the game in this country, and it will be in my pocket every step of the way. I mean, how else could I take in a Scottish football match?

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