Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Classic Encounters: St Johnstone 3-1 Airdrie (1989/90)

For 65 years, St Johnstone FC's home was Muirton Park. In 1986, the ground was purchased by the Asda retail group who proceeded to demolish it and build a supermarket in its place. In return, the club was relocated (at no cost) to the western edge of the city where local farmer Bruce McDiarmid donated the land on which the stadium now stands.

Saints' first season at their new home was the 1989/90 campaign - coincidentally the first season I had a season ticket at McDiarmid Park.

That season, St Johnstone were in Division One which, like today, was an extremely competitive league but unlike today saw its "big" clubs selling their stadia out week on week - and that included McDiarmid Park.

Many great games took place in the 1989/90 season, but the one which stays in my memory was when title rivals Airdrieonians came to Perth at the end of March 1990, while topping the league, to take on a St Johnstone side sitting second in the Division.

The game highlights are below. For all those of who enjoy watching old football classics, its well worth 10 minutes of your time. For those who enjoy watching football classics less, at least take a moment to check out the almost comedy old-school football kits and short shorts.

Saints' win moved them to the top of the league, where they stayed until the season's end meaning that McDiarmid's second season was to be in the Scottish Premier League.

Two full-houses in the First Division that season....

No full-houses in the SPL this year....

Changed days..

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