Monday, May 30, 2011

Opinion: Charlie Adam is no world-beater

At times I wonder if I am being a bit overly critical of Charlie Adam. After all he played a pivotal role in Blackpool’s promotion to the Premiership in 2010 and seemed to really impress at times when playing for the same club in England’s top flight last season. But I’m just not convinced….

I’m not convinced he’s done enough to merit a move to one of the Premiership big boys.

I’m not convinced he’s done enough to merit starting for his national team.

And I’m still not convinced that he does enough over 90 minutes to be spoken about in the glowing terms that often surround him.

"Charlie Adam is worth £16m"  and so on...

The boy has a few undeniable talents, of that there is no doubt. His delivery from set pieces is first class and has certainly improved since his time in Scotland. His demon of a left foot is also a goal threat anywhere from 35 yards and in. And, on occasion, he will hit a ludicrously accurate 50 yard pass or find someone with a through-ball like a thread through the eye of a needle.

But the lad has the same fundamental flaws that saw him banished from Rangers by not one, or two, but three different managers. All unconvinced of his ability to deliver consistently and when it matters. This is my problem with Charlie Adam.

Too often his positional sense is atrocious, leaving his defence exposed and midfield partner having to do a great deal of covering work. Defensive awareness as a central midfielder is a fundamental necessity.

Too often he will try a “Hollywood” pass which won’t reach its intended target. The ability to keep the ball from a central midfielder is a fundamental necessity.

Too often he will play well only 1 in 5 games. Consistency from a central midfielder is an absolute necessity.

All that said, Charlie Adam has made something of himself at Blackpool. The reasons for this, in my opinion, are because of the fact that the level of expectation attached to playing for Blackpool in the Premiership suits him – there is no expectation.

I heard Charlie Adam recently say that the “hardest thing about playing for Rangers, is that you have to win every week…it’s the expectation on the players. There is no room for error”

This, for me, is the final reason that Charlie Adam doesn’t have it in him to be able to be a seriously top class player for an upper end Premiership team – mental strength and the ability to deal with expectation.

If Manchester United want to push on in Europe, and compete with Barcelona, is Charlie Adam the man to help them do that?

If Liverpool or Tottenham want to push on and again be challenging for the Champions League, do people honestly think Charlie Adam is the man to help them do that?

To both, I would strongly argue “no.

I can see the lad ending up at a decent, but middle of the road Premiership side – Aston Villa maybe?

I am happy to be proven wrong and would encourage anyone to give me pelters should it turn out to be that Charlie Adam is a world beater but as I write this piece, I just can’t see it….

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