Monday, July 18, 2011

Back already? I've not even had my holidays yet....

The 2011/12 season is nearly upon us and I’m seriously looking forward to what lies ahead in every one of our leagues, from the SPL to Division 3.

That said, I am also looking forward (perhaps more hoping for) to a season where the on-field product remains the focus of media reporting and of discussion among fans. The last thing we need is for sensationalist imbeciles to spend another year bleating about what a shambles Scottish football is - it wasn't last season and it won' be this year either.

I suppose if the only thing you read about and watched was the Old Firm, you could be guilty of falling into that trap. The off the field nonsense from a bunch of idiots targeting Neil Lennon in a completely unacceptable way was a sad indictment of a section of society. While the quite ludicrous accusations from Celtic of SFA bias against the club and striking referees also resulted in less than positive headlines.

However, on the park, up and down the country, there was far more to praise than there was to critique so I keep my fingers crossed that this will be the focus in 2011/12.

I look forward to continuing where I left off in the second half of 2010/11 by visiting as many grounds, taking in as many teams and eating as many ropey scotch pies as my wallet, belly and wife will allow.

There’s no doubt that our game could do with some improving but the same could be said for every major league and every footballing country in the world. The aim, as it has always been, is to continue to challenge the perception that our game is in a mess and has nothing to offer….starting next week in the Ramsden’s Cup!

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