Friday, August 12, 2011

In a change to our scheduled programming....

In January of this year, I started this blog with the aim of challenging some of the negative perceptions of Scottish football both at home and abroad. The way in which I decided to carry this out was to spend some time visiting a variety of Scottish football grounds, covering matches from the SPL to Division Three and taking in the many different sights and sounds of football in this country.

Having now covered 10 games, I have found that each team and ground offers a unique match-day offering, be it the quirky stadia, greasy pie, atmosphere in the ground or product on the pitch. I have now, however, decided to take a slightly new and different approach….

Between Saturday 13th August 2011 and the last game of the season in May, I will ensure that the home ground of each league club is Scotland has been visited. That leaves me with 34 out of 42 teams to visit by virtue of the fact I was in the away end for Stirling vs. Dunfermline and Dundee vs. Raith Rovers. New categories will be put in place for scoring (therefore those already visited will be scored retrospectively) and the blog posts themsevles will be more visual.

The ultimate aim of this experiment, though, is to discover which of the 42 offers the best experience for a supporter. At the end of the season, this club will be awarded the extremely prestigious (and first ever) Ode to the Wee Red Book’s Best Supporter Experience Award. The clubs have all been contacted (genuinely!) and are waiting anxiously to be judged.

Oh…..and I should say that as a result, I will then purchase a season ticket at that club, whoever it may be, for the season 2012/13!

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